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2 hours freed up each day.

Clients are becoming referral machines.

Double the income in half the hours.

These are just some of the results my students have had, and you can have them too.


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Does this sound like you?

You started your own service-based business because you craved freedom, wanted to spend more time with your family, and you love working from the comfort of your bed. I mean, workspace. *Cough cough*

There’s just one problem...

Working for yourself is stressful.

Your clients are late providing you with EVERYTHING, from the files you need so you can start their project, to the feedback you need at various stages.

When you eventually receive your client’s feedback, it’s one vague sentence that doesn’t help you at all.

Your projects finish, but your clients are still emailing you with millions of questions.

And getting them to pay you on time is like tearing yourself away from a 4-hour binge session of This Is Us: not going to happen. *That show is awesome.*

Do you sometimes wonder if it would be easier to get a day job? Leave all the payment-chasing and following-up to someone else and just collect your payslip at the end of each month?

I know you sometimes think about that because I used to think about it too.


Despite those thoughts,
you’re no quitter.

This business was your dream and there’s no way you’ll give it up without a fight, right? That’s why you’re here, reading this.

You know that if you carry on down this path to burnout, your business won’t last long.

Organizing your business now is the key to regaining your sanity and creating a sustainable business you’ll love running for years!


You are capable of creating a business that is fun and easy to run, even if...

  • You’re great at being creative or strategic… but suck at getting organized.

  • You’re busy with client work and can only spare one hour a day for a couple of weeks to organize your business.

  • You’ve taken a million other courses (but never finished any).

I’m here to help you organize your business once and for all, and together it will only take two weeks. (But you can take longer if you want!)

Two weeks to a business that brings you peace of mind and inner calm.

Two weeks to a process that blows your client's minds and leaves them raving about you to all their friends.

Two weeks to working fewer hours. (Think of the time you’ll now have to go to the gym, travel or play with your kids!)  

But your decision to hold off on getting organized until now was a stroke of genius, even if you didn’t realize it.

I know I sound hypocritical saying that, but hear me out.

There’s no point in wasting your precious time trying to piece together systems from various bloggers and YouTubers. 

Think of the days you’ve wasted doing that.

With this course, you'll have everything you need to organize your business in one place. 


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Life-altering ways
your business is about to change...




… You have an organized, simple business that allows you to spend less time slaving for clients and more time:

  • Creating and selling courses and ebooks so you can make money while you sleep.

  • Scaling your business and growing your team.

  • Hanging with your husband and kids.

  • Traveling the world and drinking passion fruit mojitos on the beach! (C'mon. You know that drink is the bee's knees.)


Imagine your process is so streamlined…

• Your clients never forget to provide files and feedback on time.

• Late payments become a thing of the past.

• Nothing falls through the cracks and gets forgotten during projects.

• Your clients rave about you after the project is over because you not only provided them with amazing work but also an incredible experience.

How will you accomplish this? Organize & Automate will help get you there. Use my 10-step framework to go from overwhelmed to organized in as little as two weeks!

Here's what you'll learn inside
Organize & Automate

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Module 01: Productivity

You’ll create a One Page One Year Business Plan and a 90 Day Plan to help you understand the money-making tasks you should focus on. Then we’ll break your plan into smaller goals!


Module 02: Inbox Management

You’ll categorize your inbox, set up a labeling system, install 27 pre-written email scripts to help you tackle tricky client situations, and much more.

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Module 03: Project Management

You’ll learn how to use my favourite project management tool - Asana - with your clients. Learn how to create todo lists, send messages, share files, create due dates and even convince and train your clients how to use Asana.

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Module 04: Client Onboarding

If you want to impress potential clients, you’ll love this module. You’ll streamline processes like your appointment scheduling and consultation process, learn how to recognize and avoid nightmare clients, create an onboarding page and a welcome page, and more!

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Module 05: Project Handoff

In this module, you’ll implement my STAR framework to give your clients a memorable sendoff and have them wanting to work with you again (and refer others to you, too!)


Module 06: Social Media

This module will teach you to schedule and automate strategic social media posts so you can have a bigger impact on social media than you have right now… and do it in less time.


Module 07: Content Creation

Streamline and speed up your content creation process so you never have to scramble to create last-minute, unstrategic content again.

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Module 08: File Organization

Take on my Simple Filing Structure and learn how to quickly organize your messy files and folders so it no longer takes you forever to find what you need.

Module 09: Team

Whether you have a virtual assistant or you’re thinking of getting one, this module will teach you how to set up and lead regular team meetings, automate the on-boarding of new team members, track the profit you make from each team member (even ones with admin-only responsibilities!) and more.

Screen Shot 2019-08-06 at 1.40.49 PM.png

Module 10: Tracking Business Growth

You can’t get your business where you want it to go if you don’t know where you are or how fast you’re growing. Tracking your numbers using my Growth Tracker Template will help you understand what is and isn’t working in your business and make decisions based on facts, not emotions.

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Join now before the countdown hits zero and enrollment closes.

The price will increase to $547 during our next launch.

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Special offer bonuses

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Bonus 01

Dubsado Bonus Module
(value $247)

Dubsado is a client process management tool that allows you to handle contracts, quotes, invoices, questionnaires and more - all from one place. This bonus module will show you how to set it up in just one day and provides you with templates, scripts and more to make the setup simple!

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Bonus 02

Private Facebook Group (value $197)

Sure, you can get through some courses without a community. But a course about getting organized isn’t one of them. You’re going to want a place where you can ask tech questions and quickly troubleshoot problems. In this community, you'll have access to me and the other students!


Bonus 03

The Template Pack (VALUE $247)

The Template Pack includes 45+ scripts, templates and workflows to make organizing your business fast & easy!

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Pay In Full Bonus!

Copy & Paste Welcome Page Template (value $49)

Don’t spend two days creating the perfect welcome page. Use my template to get it done in one hour!



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Join now before the countdown hits zero and enrollment closes.

The price will increase to $547 during our next launch.

Enroll for 1 payment of $̶5̶4̶7̶ $447


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Save $49 when you pay in full!

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Wondering who the heck i am?

Hi there! I'm Nesha. I’ve taught my community of 28,000+ solopreneurs how to simplify and organize their businesses, but I haven't always been so organized.

I used to work 60+ hour weeks and not even make the equivalent of minimum wage.

I could have earned more by waitressing in Pizza Hut. (Trust me, I know. I used to work there.)

It felt like the dream business I had started had turned into a time-sucking, joy-draining nightmare. 

I'm no quitter, though.

I went from being a stressed-out wreck who worked 60+ hours a week for less than minimum wage, to working three days a week and having my first $100k year.


I started working smarter, not harder. And I want to help you do the same.

2 hours spare each day.

Clients are becoming referral machines.

Double the income in half the hours.

Time and freedom to travel the world.

These are just some of the results students have experienced after
going through Organize & Automate. Listen to their stories below!

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Join now before the countdown hits zero and enrollment closes.

The price will increase to $547 during our next launch.

Enroll for 1 payment of $̶5̶4̶7̶ $447


4 monthly payments of $̶1̶5̶0̶ $124

Save $49 when you pay in full!

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This course IS for you if…

  • You sell a service (like web design, virtual assistance, interior design, coaching, writing etc.)

  • Your business is not organized and you’re feeling stressed.

  • You’re a new business owner.

  • OR you already have systems and processes in your business but they’re not working well.

This course IS NOT for you if…

  • You’re a studio or agency.

  • You mainly sell products, not services.

  • You have a large team.

  • You’re an advanced business owner who is already pretty organized and using most of the systems I recommend.

Here's what my students are saying
about Organize & Automate

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Got questions? I've got answers!

+ I don’t know if I’ll have time to go through this course. I have client work to do!

My students have been known to free up as much as 2 hours per day after taking this course. So, after investing two weeks in this course, they’re getting up to 40 hours back each month to do whatever they please.

When you realize the return on investment can be that high, I guarantee you’ll find the time to go through this course.

+ Are there any costs associated with this course?

All tools used in this course are free or come with free plans except Dubsado. However, you DO NOT need to use Dubsado to complete this course. We've still included a bonus module on Dubsado though (+ 10 done-for-you Dubsado templates and materials) for students who can afford it and want to set it up for their business.

+ Who is this course for?

Service-based business owners (like web designers, virtual assistants, coaches, writers etc.)

+ Will I get access to future updates?

Yes! We update this course every year and you will always get access to the updated modules for free.

+ Do I have to use Asana AND Dubsado?

Dubsado does include project management but it's the weakest feature of Dubsado, so some course students choose to use Asana AND Dubsado together. However, it's not compulsory to use Dubsado if you can't afford it. This course will show you how to organize your business using 100% free tools OR using paid tools, so you can use this course no matter what your budget is or what it may change to in the future.

+ My budget is pretty tight right now. I’m not sure if I can afford this.

Luckily, a payment plan is available. At the checkout, you can choose to enroll for one full payment or split it over four months.

+ I never finish courses… so I don’t know if it’s worth enrolling.

On average, students can complete Organize & Automate in two weeks if they put in one or two hours of work each day. Of course, this result varies depending on the individual, but it has been done time and time again.

Two weeks doesn't sound so hard, right?

However, you don’t HAVE to complete this course in two weeks. You can go through this course as fast or as slow as you want to. Go at a pace that suits you.

+ Will this course work for me?

This course is perfect for you if your business is not organized, you’re a new business owner, or you do have systems and processes in your business BUT they’re not working well. This course is NOT for agencies, businesses with large teams, or advanced business owners who are already pretty organized.

+ Do I have to use the tools you feature? Or can I apply your trainings to the tools I’m already using?

You’ll get the most out of this course if you use the tools I feature.

+ Do I have to use Dubsado if I join this course?

No. If you’re on a tight budget, stick to the free tools featured in this course. You can always use Dubsado in the future when you have the budget for it.

+ When does this course start and finish?

"Organize & Automate: For Solopreneurs" is being released on September 30th 2019. You'll have lifetime access to the full course from that date on.

+ Can't I wait until September 30th to join?

We're not doing a launch on September 30th. Only students who join now will get access to this course then. Our next launch will be at the start of next year and the price will probably go up, so join now if you want to enroll for $447.


7-day Satisfaction guarantee

If you complete this course to the best of your ability, ask for help when you need it, and you can still say it honestly wasn’t worth your time, we will offer you a prompt and full refund.


Enroll Today

Join now before the countdown hits zero and enrollment closes.

The price will increase to $547 during our next launch.

Enroll for 1 payment of $̶5̶4̶7̶ $447


4 monthly payments of $̶1̶5̶0̶ $124

Save $49 when you pay in full!

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