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for just $447 if you join today.

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time for some bonuses!


Bonus 01

Dubsado IN A DAY (value $197)

Dubsado is an all-in-one business management tool where you can handle your entire client process. You can send contracts, quotes, invoices, questionnaires, handle project management, bookkeeping and MORE!

In this bonus course, I’ll show you exactly how to set up Dubsado and make it work for your design business in just one day.

Unlike the free tools featured in Organize & Automate, Dubsado is $25 per month. If you have the budget for it, I highly recommend using it.

Enroll today & you'll automatically receive this bonus as soon as it's released on May 18th.

Bonus 02

Facebook Group (value $197)

Sure, you can get through some courses without a community. But a course about getting organized isn’t one of them.

You’re going to want a place where you can ask questions and quickly troubleshoot problems. In this community, you'll have access to me, my team and the other students!

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Fast Action 24-Hour Bonus:

Welcome Packet Workshop,
by Erin Flynn (value $97)

Sometimes, clients are calling you at weird hours, expecting you to reply to their emails ASAP, and expecting you to complete extra revisions for free.

Wouldn’t it be nice to provide them with a guide that sets boundaries and expectations before the project starts?

That, my friend, is called a Welcome Packet.

My special guest, Erin Flynn, will teach you how to create one in this bonus workshop!

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Bonus 03:

The Freelance Marketing Plan (value $35)

Once you've used my course to organize your project process, you need to start looking for clients. This 50-page workbook will help you use six key marketing strategies to find them!

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Bonus 04:

how to outsource
(value $49)

In this audio lesson, you'll learn how to find the perfect virtual assistant, where to find them, what tasks to outsource and when to hire one.


You have two choices:

01. Keep doing what you’re doing. Work those 15 hour days. Get closer and closer to burn-out central.

02. Learn from a designer who knows what she’s talking about and can take you from overwhelmed to organized in 2 weeks, not months.

It's time to stop procrastinating. Let's get you organized!

Webinar Bonus:

How To Outsource To A Virtual Assistant (value $49)

Maybe you have too much client work to do and not enough hours in the day. Or maybe you’re trying to build your business on the side of your day job and you could use some extra help, so your business is still growing while you’re at your 9-5.

The solution? A virtual assistant.

In this bonus training, you’ll learn when to hire a virtual assistant, where to find one, what to outsource and why it’s a lot more affordable than you think!


You're officially a student - woo hoo!

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Welcome to Organize & Automate! Your business is about to go from stressful to streamlined. Is it okay that I'm 150% overwhelmingly excited for you??!!

Now, I know you want to get your business organized as quickly as possible and you want to take alllll the shortcuts. 

That's why I'm offering you one right here!

In module 02 of this course, I teach you how to use a project management tool with your clients and how to create a video you can send to your clients that will train them how to use it, too! 

But if you don't have time to make your own video or you don't feel confident doing so, why not send them my pre-made video instead?


My 2-minute pre-made video includes:

Me, talking as one of your team members. (So you sound SUPER professional when your clients watch and listen to this!)

I teach your client how to use your project management tool (Asana or Dubsado. Both videos included in this purchase.)




Streamline your design process in just 7 days

3 hours spare each day. Clients are becoming referral machines. Double the income in half the hours. These are just some of the results my students have had, and you can have them too.


Does this sound like you? 

You became a freelance web or graphic designer because you love designing, you value your freedom, and you love working from the comfort of your bed. I mean, workspace. *Cough cough*

There’s just one problem...

Working for yourself is stressful.

Your clients are late providing you with EVERYTHING, from the files you need so you can start their project, to the feedback you need on each design.

When you eventually receive your client’s feedback, it’s one vague sentence that doesn’t help you at all.

Your projects finish, but your clients are still emailing you with millions of questions.

And getting them to pay you on time is like trying to stop yourself binge-watching Stranger Things. It’s just not going to happen. (That show is AMAZING.)

Do you sometimes wonder if it would be easier to get a day job? Work in a studio? Leave all the payment-chasing and following-up to someone else and just collect your payslip at the end of each month?

Be honest. I know you sometimes think about that because I used to think about it too.


despite those thoughts, you’re no quitter.

This business was your dream, and there’s no way you’ll give it up without a fight, right? That’s why you’re here, reading this. You know that if you carry on down this path to burnout, your business won’t last long. Organizing your business now is the key to regaining your sanity and creating a sustainable business you’ll love running for years!


Life-altering ways your business is about to change...

Imagine going through your design projects with total ease. Imagine you have a system set up that allows you to spend less time slaving for clients and more time:

• Creating digital products so you can make money while you sleep.

• Scaling your business and growing your team.

• Hanging with your husband and kids.

• Traveling the world and drinking passion fruit mojitos on the beach! (C'mon. You know that drink is the bee's knees.)

Imagine your process is so streamlined…

• Your clients never forget to provide files and feedback on time.

• Late payments become a thing of the past.

• Nothing falls through the cracks and gets forgotten during projects.

• Your clients rave about you after the project is over because you not only provided them with fantastic designs but also an incredible experience.

How will you accomplish this?

Organize & Automate will help get you there. Use my 7-step framework to go from overwhelmed to organized in as little as one week!


You are capable of getting (and staying) organized, even if...

  • You’re great at design but struggle with getting organized.
  • You’re busy with client work and can only spare one/two hours a day for one week to organize your business.  
  • You’ve taken a million other courses (but never finished any).
  • You felt like those courses were a disappointment.
  • You’ve tried everything to get organized (and none of it has worked).

I’m here to help you organize your design process once and for all, and together it will only take one week.

One week to peace of mind and confidence in your process.

One week to a design process that blows your client's minds and leaves them raving about you to all their friends.

One week to working fewer hours. (Think of the time you’ll now have to go to the gym, travel or play with your kids!)  


Here’s why you’ve struggled to get organized until now…

You haven’t made the TIME to set up systems and processes within your design business. You know you should. You know it will make running your business 100x easier. But the thought of getting organized seems like a lot of work.

You’ve probably thought:

"I have client work to do. I can’t fit this in, too!"

"I don’t have time to experiment with lots of new tools and find the best ones for a design business."

"And even if I wanted to, where would I BEGIN??"

But your decision to hold off on getting organized until now was a stroke of genius, even if you didn’t realize it.

I know I sound crazy and hypocritical saying that, but hear me out.

Many designers try to get organized again and again, but they either:

  • Start and then get distracted by something else.
  • Set up systems but stop using them one week later.

You know what I call that? Wasting time.

Getting organized is supposed to save you time. It’s supposed to shave hours off your work week, not add them on!

Think of the days you’ve wasted trying to get organized and failing miserably.

Think of the hours you’ve spent searching for Youtube tutorials about project management tools, or scouring through Pinterest for the perfect post about organizing your inbox.

There’s no point in wasting your precious time trying to piece together systems from various bloggers and YouTubers.

With training exclusively made for web and graphic designers, you’ll be able to set up systems in your business and stick to them. Most importantly, you won’t have to waste hours experimenting with dozens of tools because Organize & Automate maps out the step-by-step framework you need to get organized fast.


Organize & Automate

is the very first training of its kind that…

• Specifically teaches designers how to organize their process. It’s not a course for female entrepreneurs. It’s not for freelancers. It’s for designers. That means you’ll find help in this course that you won’t find anywhere else online.

• Holds your hand through all the tech set-up. I’m not a fan of courses that tell you which tools to use, then leave you to figure out how to use them. Here, the course handles the tech for you. Just watch the tutorials and learn!

• Benefits everyone, whether you’re totally new to design or you’ve been a freelance designer for years. We have students who haven’t started their businesses yet and students who have 20+ years of experience, yet they’ve all found Organize & Automate life-changingly helpful.

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here's what you'll learn inside organize & automate:

Inbox Management


• How to pause your inbox and manage inbox overwhelm.

• Set client expectations with an autoresponder.

• How to use a CRM tool to follow up with clients.

• 6 Gmail tricks to speed up your inbox workflow.

+ 11 Copy & paste email scripts you can use for milestones in your design projects!

Project Management


• Tech Tutorial: Asana.

• How to set up client reminders in Asana.

• How to communicate with clients in Asana.

• Create and document your design process in Asana.

• How to train your clients to use Asana.

+ Readymade Asana training video to send to your clients.

+ Video script to use if you want to create your own Asana training video for your clients!

Streamline Your Design Process


• Create design homework for your clients.

• Organize your Illustrator & Photoshop workspace.

• Save time with Illustrator scripts.

• Change your default colour swatches in Illustrator.

• Use browser extensions to speed up your web design process.

• Use keyboard shortcuts in Illustrator & Photoshop.

+ Cheatsheet: Illustrator & Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts

Automate Your Design Process


• How and why you should create a moodboard.

• How to present your designs to the client.

• How and why you should create a brand board.

• Wireframes: What they are and why you should be using them for your design projects.

• Tech tutorial: How to use Wireframe CC.

+ Templates: Moodboard, design presentation and brand board.

Client Onboarding


• The step-by-step client onboarding process.

• How to create an onboarding page for potential clients.

• Schedule client meetings with an online tool.

• Tech tutorial: Calendly.

• Create and send your contract electronically.

• Set up a professional invoicing system.

• Five things you should do after your client books their project.

Client Offboarding

• Automate your file-saving process in Adobe Illustrator.

• How to create a style guide for your clients.

• How to train your clients one-on-one.

• How to end your projects + keep your clients coming back for more!

• How to get killer testimonials.

Course Materials

• [CHEATSHEET] 50 must-have tools for designers.

• [SCRIPTS] 11 copy & paste email scripts.

• [READYMADE VIDEO] Asana training video (to send to your clients).

• [VIDEO SCRIPT] Asana training video script so that you can create your own.

• [CHEATSHEET] Design process cheatsheet.

• [CHEATSHEET] Illustrator & Photoshop keyboard shortcuts.

• [PHOTOSHOP TEMPLATES] Moodboard, brand board and client presentation templates.



I'm Nesha


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Module 01:

Inbox Management

→  Get 11 copy and paste email scripts you can use at milestones throughout your design projects, so you're not always typing out the same things to every client.

→  Learn how to pause your inbox so emails only come in at certain times of the day. No more inbox overwhelm!

→  Set boundaries upfront with your clients by using an email autoresponder. I'll give you my word-for-word template!

→  Use my favourite inbox add-on to automate the follow-up process you're not missing out on extra work by forgetting to follow up with clients.

→  Learn 6 Gmail hacks that will help you reply to emails faster so you can spend less time in your inbox.

Module 02:

project Management

→  Get 11 copy and paste email scripts you can use at milestones throughout your design projects, so you're not always typing out the same things to every client.

→  Learn how to pause your inbox so emails only come in at certain times of the day. No more inbox overwhelm!

→  Set boundaries upfront with your clients by using an email autorespon